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Accept cryptocurrencies for online payments, tokenize your goods and participate the hottest cryptocurrency trading worldwide.


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Pay on websites

You can choose to trade in fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. We also offer the world’s leading hybrid payment, allowing your fiat and cryptocurrencies to achieve the most favorable payment plan for the transaction.

Support major payment channels

VISA, Master, Alipay...

Support major cryptocurrencies


A leading hybrid payment

Support fiat and/or cryptocurrency for every transaction payment.

Decentralized blockchain payment

Pay directly to the wallet, with no involvement by third parties.

Get paid on your website

Accept major payments and cryptocurrencies. Tokenize your goods and loyalty points to participate the hottest cryptocurrency trading worldwide.

WordPress plugin

A quick-to-install plug-in that fully supports wordpress with no technical know-how.

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Social e-commerce

Everyone can be joined. Sell items on the community and earn commissions instantly.

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Risk-free for counterfeit cards

No counterfeit cards and fraudulent transactions. Transactions can be traced back, easily moving towards a global ecommerce.

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Low cost

A fixed 1% transaction fee without any hidden costs.

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Create your own token

The world’s leading service for token issuance. Create your exclusive token and be used in your store or in a different store.

Issue token with only a click

Create your ethereum ERC20 token in just a few minutes.

Commodity token exchange

We offer circulation for your token on the exchange as a secondary markets.

Transaction traceability

Impossible to buy counterfeit goods and to participate at unlawful trade and money laundering.

Financial inclusion

Allowed 1.7 billion unbanked citizens to operate their online business worldwide.

Payment Channels

BaconPay is characterized to support major traditional payments and cryptocurrency payments worldwide.